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VOICES: Monologues & Dramatic Text for Caribbean Actors

Edited by Yvonne Weekes | The print edition from MAUGEDESIGN+HNP

"An indelible educational resource ... a triumphant finding for performing arts students in their search for Caribbean-based performance material."

– Saira Dhanoo, Curriculum Officer

Visual & Performing Arts Unit, Ministry of Education

Trinidad and Tobago.


GDUSA’s American Inhouse Design Awards™ is the original and premier showcase for outstanding work by inhouse designers and their departments. According to Gordon Kaye, editor: "This year’s showcase of roughly 350 projects – there were a near record 6,800+ entries ... in which inhouse creatives advance the mission of and build value for their companies, institutions, brands, products, services and causes."|32

Our team enjoyed collaborating on a visual voice to deliver the message embodied in the theme of the book fair, The Cure. We’re pleased that GDUSA understood the aesthetic behind the mask-related communication for our audience.

Peruse the digital flip book as well.